Interview to Juan T. Vazquez Martin by Johannes Werner from Florida-Caribe at WSLR 96.5 FM

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Johannes Werner wrote:
On Thursday, the City of Tampa commission will honor the artistic achievements of Juan T. Vázquez Martín
Vázquez Martin is known in Cuba as a teacher of several generations of painters, including some of the most famous artists the island has produced in recent decades. But he is also a painter of painters — his abstract work, vibrating with vivid colors, speaks for itself. In tomorrow’s Florida Caribe show, Vázquez will talk about his teaching, his art, the process, music, how the changes in Cuba affect artists, how coming and going between Cuba and the United States has become the norm again, and about an upcoming visit to Sarasota (the interview is in Spanish).
As usual, we will provide you with a roundup of news about our neighborhood, the Caribbean and Latin America.
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