Opening Roads in Miami

by Miguel Hernandez Martinez                                                       Spanish

During days I’ve tried in vain to watch, read or listen to any news on the press, the radio or television notes saying, for example, ‘The Cuban master Juan T. Vazquez Martin visits Miami city’.

But no, there are no news about him in Miami; the media here has not followed this visit. Strangely, because Vazquez Martin is possibly the most important abstract Cuban painter alive, according to well known art critics worldwide.

Almost as incognito the artist has been traveling between Tampa to Miami, carrying his paintings. At 70 years old he still proves himself in the difficult career of creation. he comes to us with the exhibition ‘Opening roads’ which could be seen by the Miami public after Friday June 3th at the Domingo Padron Gallery in Coral Gables.

Considered among the masters of abstract paintings in Cuba and great Cuban artists in general, Vazquez Martin’s work is displayed in numerous and important art collections and spaces in Cuba as well as in different places around the world. Among the most important t to mention are the UNESCO headquarters and the International Association of Art (AIAP) in Paris, the European Economical Community in New York as well as the Fine Arts Museum of Havana.

For many, one of the most admired qualities of Vazquez Martin is his capacity to play with the painting media language. According to the artist and art critic Manuel Lopez Oliva, ” it is not wrong to point out him as a creator of structures and forms, something recognized by great painters like Mariano, Portocarrero and Fayad Jamis, who was also a poet”.

Lopez Oliva describes Vazquez Martin as “a ‘poet’ of techniques and formal resources with an evident imagination to develop structures and chromatic variations from images that could be similar, quality which confers him a fresh air as a painter and a fair place in a our vast and diverse artistic arena”.

Greatly influenced by Paul Cézanne, Joan Miró, Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock, Antoni Tàpies and Millares, as well as by Juan Tapia Ruano and Hugo Consuegra, the paintings of Vazquez Martin have in the most demanding visual art spaces in the world

Paintings of this Cuban artist have been exhibited in Austria, United States, Russia, China, Spain, England, Ireland, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Czech Republic, Korea, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Mongolia and Argelia, among many other countries that the painter has visited.

On his trip around United States, Vazquez Martin does not want to miss the opportunity to meet with the Miami public and comes to the stage at Domingo Padron gallery walls with an exquisite and nicely curated personal show of his most recent works.

This gallery space is located at the interception of Ponce de Leon Bulevard and Menores, in the heart of Coral Gables. It is, perhaps, the ideal place for the public to meet with this artist, master of painters. It will be without doubts, a significant cultural event in a cosmopolitan city as Miami.

mayo 31, 2011

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