Europe has its attractive, the old history, the old culture, the old architecture, wounds of its old wars and from the new ones, old generation with good memory, respect for the older, good manners, good fashion in some countries and its proud even for monarchy weddings!…and of course, like most of  the countries in the world now, a lot of financial problems too.

However, there is still people enjoying art and also some keep buying art. As it is said, now the poor is poorer and the rich is richer.

So, for an artist who lives from the art there is always a hope to catch those buyers attention. In spite of the unfair world we live in, the business most go on.

Fine Art is appreciated more by educated people who not always we find among the poorer but not necessary among the richest.

In next pages Juan T. Vázquez Martin who lived in Europe for a while wants to tell you what he found there and his impressions.

The Cuban painter Juan T. Vazquez Martin in Vienna 2008

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