Josephine Reynell

Josephine Reynell 

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Profile Ph.D (Cantab). Tutor in Social Anthropology for the Pauling Centre for Human Sciences and the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford University.
Geographical Area India
Research Interests Gender, women and religious identity, structures of prestige and personhood, Jainism, diaspora communities.
Research Gender, Jainism, symbolic significance of food, rituals of death within diaspora communities
Publications include Political Pawns: Refugees on the Thai-Kampuchean Border, Oxford Refugee Studies Programme; Torture and Deaths in Custody in Jammu and Kashmir, Amnesty International; (forthcoming) “Religious practice and the constitution of personhood within the context of kinship and the Female life cycle among Svetambar Murti Puja women in Jaipur”, in Flugel, P. Doctrines, and Dialogues: Studies in Jain History and Culture, Curzon press, London.
Languages English, French, Hindi

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