Silent Auction of Memorable piece of Art

Cuban Artist and Community Chorus combine forces to support Scholarship Fund.


Article from Treasure Coast Community Singers site

The completed piece of art, The Blue and the Gray, will be sold to the highest bidder in a silent auction. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to local non-profit environmental and music organizations.

Music inspires listeners in many different ways. The recent performances of the Treasure Coast Community Singers inspired famed Cuban abstract artist, Juan T. Vazquez Martin to create a masterpiece titled, The Blue and the Gray. As chorus and orchestra performed, Mr. Martin utilized the music and the emotional lyrics as inspiration to create. At the same time, the audience had the rare experience observing a great artist at work while listening to the performance of “Chronicles of Blue and Gray,” a composition by John Purifoy to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War that incorporates a selection of folk songs, spirituals, poetry, historical speeches, and other elements of the Civil War era into a moving and memorable mélange of orchestral and choral music.

 The proceeds from the auction will be donated to local non-profit environmental and music organizations.

One group benefiting is the Treasure Coast Community Singers Scholarship Fund. TCCS awards scholarships each year to local graduating students who plan to continue their music education at the college level. This year’s recipients are Kathleen De Rosa from Port St Lucie High School, Joseph Ferraro and Cassandra Salmieri from South Fork High School and Frankie Giampietro from Jensen Beach High School.

With the help of TCCS, Juan T. Vazquez Martin recently arrived from Cuba on a cultural visa. He is presently visiting parts of Florida displaying his artwork and using the sights and sounds of our state as inspiration to create new pieces of art. On his return to the Treasure Coast he looks forward to holding workshops, displaying his artwork and continuing to create new artwork. He is considered one of the premier abstract artist of Cuba.

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